Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Sales: Don’t Be a Statistic

Sales Marketing Alignment


To kick off the first of Marketo’s Customer Spotlight Series, Evan Whitenight, VP of Marketing at Reachforce, discusses the importance of Marketing and Sales alignment in his on-demand webinar, Bridging the Gap between Marketing and Sales. Evan started off with some interesting and scary statistics of why marketing and sales alignment is so important in your organization.

On average:

  • 30% of sales reps turn over each year
  • It takes approximately 7 months to ramp a new rep
  • 40% of sales fail to hit quota
  • 65% of sales reps time is not spent selling
  • 90% of marketing deliverables are not used by sales
  • Reps spend approximately 30 hours per month searching and creating their own selling materials

Do these stats seem surprising to you? Do they resonate a little too well? If so, take the time to download the on-demand webinar, Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing, today and find out how you can avoid being a statistic.