4 Reasons B2B Companies Should Use Linkedin Company Pages, Plus 4 Examples and 4 Tips to Get Started

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Have you seen the changes to the LinkedIn Company Pages?  There is now a Product and Services tab that lets you feature everything about your company and what you sell.  I highly recommend you take a few minutes to start creating your Product and Services page, even if you can’t fully optimize the look and design yet.

Here are four reasons why:

    1. Recommendations– Company specific recommendations on LinkedIn may become the Yelp of B2B Businesses, though you can’t benefit from this new feature until you create your Products and Services Page.  The recommendations will also serve as great ways to receive referrals, as the recommendations that are made will be shared with the connections of the person who makes the recommendation.

    1. Videos– While I agree posting videos to Youtube is an important part of your B2B marketing mix, the power of placing videos near product descriptions and product recommendations can be powerful.  In new LinkedIn Products and Services pages you see videos right when they are most desired, when prospects, vendors and friends are viewing your company information.
    2. Offers– Being able to feature discounts, coupons, free trials, thought leadership, and demos on LinkedIn Products and Services via the promo box is a cool way to drive additional website traffic to your website.

    1. Give a voice to your products– I love that the new Products and Services pages allows visitors companies to list of people in the organization who can be contacted about specific products and services.  This is a great way to start creating conversations between product managers, sales reps, and support staff with prospects and customers.

You may also want to check out some examples of what others have done.  Here are 4 examples of B2B companies that have already built their Linkedin Products and Services pages:

Strongmail Product and Services Page:

Marketo Products and Services Page:

Exact Software Product and Services Page:

Juniper Networks Products and Services Page:

Here are 4 important tips to get the most out of your Products and Services pages:

  1. Get Started ASAP: As stated earlier, I don’t think you can’t receive recommendations until you start using this feature.  The sooner you get started, the more likely you are to get recommendations. Also, you can’t drive traffic to your website through offers if you haven’t created the offers on this page yet.
  2. Get Everyone Involved:  The person responsible for social media in your organization is not likely to know every one of your customers.  Educate everyone in your organization about your new Products and Services page so that they can help request recommendations.
  3. Review in Word: If you write out all your descriptions in LinkedIn and then post live you may miss spelling errors.  The site does not highlight misspellings, and they can be hard to catch when posting in this format.  After you post your content I suggest copying and pasting the content into Word to see if you may have made any spelling or grammar mistakes in your copy.
  4. Keep the Company Description Short:  You might notice I didn’t use the full Marketo boiler plate description on my Products and Services page.  This is because if it goes much longer than what I have you have to click through to another page to read the full description.  This looks messy and can be disturbing.  Try being short and concise in this space.

Ready to get started?  Check out my 5 minute video on making the best use of LinkedIn Company Pages- Products and Services tab.