Is Lead Nurturing Possible Without Lots of Content?



Prior to the Marketo user summit I had heard a few great examples of nurturing programs being created without a lot of content, but after I shared some of these stories at the event I was approached by many others with similar stories.  What I thought was the exception was actually the norm.  Hundreds of marketers have built robust lead nurturing programs, ranging from simple drip campaigns to sophisticated lead life-cycle campaigns, using only a few white papers or webinars.  How can they do this with limited content marketing assets?  The key is making best use of all content available to the marketer, plus a good strategy when creating new content.

The most common way to do this is with blog posts.  Often a company can turn every blog post into a step in a nurturing campaign, highlighting the key points of the post.   This comes with the added benefit of driving additional traffic to your blog.

Here are 3 other examples:

  1. A marketer wants to create a drip campaign that will last for the duration of a 10 month revenue cycle.  Unfortunately, they only have enough money for one white paper to be written, created and produced.  What can they do?  By understanding the challenge the marketer can plan for the right content, having their writer focus on content that can be deconstructed.  You can do this by creating papers like 10 ways how X, or top 5 initiatives to X.  Each topic in the white paper can then be used as separate components in the nurturing campaign.
  2. A company spends lots of resources on customer marketing creating case studies that can be reviewed by prospects.  They are very valuable to leads that are getting ready to buy, but aren’t helping with demand generation and lead nurturing.  What can they do?  Using case studies is often frowned upon as they are frequently very promotional.  Instead, throw out some of the company specifics in the case studies and relabel them as success stories.  People will want to hear how their peers are so successful and will appreciate you sharing these stories with them.   Just a few tweaks can give them a much wider appeal.
  3. A marketer is looking to create a nurturing campaign that can help with upsell of various products to their current customers.  They have lots of data sheets and documentation, but not much else.  What are some ways around this?  This content has many opportunities to be lead nurturing ready.  First, they can bundle the content together to make a how-to guide or manual that may be of interest to customers.  Alternatively, content can be reformatted into solutions briefs or other collateral that can be shared via nurturing.

The common denominator between all of these is that we are taking content we have or are having created and making it relevant to the reader.  Only content that the reader finds valuable will end up producing results from your lead nurturing campaigns, so make sure to always keep your audience and their stage in the buying cycle in mind.

More examples can be seen in the slide below, but these are only some examples.  Think about how all content created, from sales ennoblement tools, product information, customer stories, and more can be repurposed or rebundled to create valuable nurturing campaigns.