Hold on to your little dog: The New B2B Marketing Manifesto

Modern Marketing


“We’re not in Kansas anymore.” This is how Velocity introduces their newest eBook, The New B2B Marketing Manifesto. This Judy Garland quote rings true in this new B2B marketing landscape. Similar to Dorothy, it’s like marketers were in a whirlwind with the advent of the Internet, and arrived in a world with new media, new buying processes and new expectations from management. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, oh my!) But enough with cute stuff. This book takes a look at what’s really changed in B2B and identifies what you can do about it.

The new B2B marketer is the engine of the company:

  • You own the pipeline: The success or failure of your company depends on the quality and quantity of sales-ready leads you generate.
  • You own innovation: It’s your job to listen to the whole market (not just your customers) and bring back ideas that will make money.
  • You own information: Information has become the most important differentiator in competitive markets, and Marketers are the masters of information.

Five B2B Imperatives: Things a marketer needs to win the battle for attention

  1. Get a World View: A world view is the interpretation of the challenges and opportunities that your buyers face. It’s something that will eventually lead the buyer to your solution.
  2. Expose your beliefs: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” When you start with your company’s beliefs, you spark the part of the brain that drives decisions and behavior. Find out what your company passionately believes in and tell people about it!
  3. It’s all about “chops”: In other words, it’s about ‘expertise, experience and authority.’ It answers the question: “Why should I believe you?”
  4. The primacy of the idea: B2B marketing is a profession of ideas. You have to have a good idea. If not, no social media channel can  make up for this.
  5. Think beyond digital: Create deeper, more integrated engagements with prospects and customers with online and offline work.

Six B2B Staples: These are the most important weapons in the B2B arsenal

  1. Content Marketing: “Content Marketing is turning insight and advice into campaigns that change people’s minds and incite action” – B2B Content Marketing Handbook. Marketers don’t just need to get good at Content Marketing, they have to get great at it.
  2. Marketing Analytics: Analytics makes your marketing better, lets you constantly improve results and gives you the proof you need to grow your budgets,
  3. A/B Testing: Multivariate testing backs up your hunches and assumptions with rock-solid data.
  4. Lead Nurturing: Called the “most significant development in B2B marketing since the Internet”, lead nurturing is the “Golden Link” between Marketing and Sales. In the new B2B world, not doing it is “malpractice.”
  5. Search: Just about every B2B search starts with a web search somewhere. Search marketing is the foundation on which all else is built.
  6. Community: Social media is a great way to foster community, but remember, it’s not the only way.

Now before you start repeating, “There’s no place like home”, read through Velocity’s eBook, The B2B Marketing Manifesto, and implement some of these strategies.

Source: The B2B Marketing Manifesto:Five Imperatives and Six Staples for Winning the Battle for Attention