The Three Rs of Content Marketing Optimization

Content Marketing


While some marketers struggle to create enough content, many marketers are challenged with content that is out of date, out of place or inappropriate for the target audience. In this case, the marketer must use the three Rs of content marketing optimization:

Reorganize or Repurpose – when you reorganize content, you are taking pieces of existing content and restructuring it in a way that is more useful to your prospects or customers. This is a great way for companies who have lots of information, but not a lot of structured content, available for their prospects. There are many ways to do this, like compiling blog and web content in a white paper, or by using brochure content as the foundation for a new video.

Rewrite – companies often find it useful to rewrite content when the content they have is either dated or has been exhausted due to a high level of previous consumption. When this happens, you should rewrite your content. Rewrites are often less time consuming than creating new content, but will still need time and attention to execute properly. When rewriting you want to ensure you follow the six rules of content marketing to ensure the rewrite is compelling and more successful than the original.

Retire – every piece of content will have a limited shelf life. This means that you cannot use the same content indefinitely. If content isn’t performing as well as it should, or if its consumption has significantly decreased and you do not think it will be useful to reorganize or rewrite, then it is time to retire it from your content library. This may be obvious with papers that are specific to a certain date or event, like a list of events that happened during a specific year, or lessons learned from a specific trade show, but it will also be important even when less obvious events occur, such as changing trends that cause a topic to no longer be of interest.

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