Online Trust Alliance Works to Promote More Trust

Email Marketing


Manish Goel, Chairman of the OTA

To a packed room in the Georgetown University conference center in Washington DC, Manish Goel and Craig Spiezle kick off the Online Trust Alliance’s (OTA) 2010 forum. This packed room demonstrates what a hot topic online trust is right now. With authors like Chris Brogan (Trust Agents) rising up the New York Times best seller lists, marketers are talking about building trust and how to go about doing so. In the B2B selling space, marketers must establish trust to support long sales cycles, ensuring prospects continue to receive email and believe in sales people once they engage.  Marketers must accept this as the new truth and build their marketing campaigns with trust in mind.

So what is trust and how can a marketer build it?  Craig’s discussion explored trust as being a convergence of security, privacy and stewardship.  This is a great high-level framework for building your trust programs:

  • Security. Protect your prospects and customers.  Don’t open them up to exploits. Broadcast the security measures you take and your subscribers will trust you more.  (Conversely, a great way to lose trust is to show up on the business pages for a security breach.)
  • Privacy. Honoring your subscriber’s privacy is a natural way to build trust.
  • Stewardship. Taking care of your customer and bringing them value is one of the best ways to build trust.  Remember, word gets around.

With this first session, the OTA is off to a good start.  More on trust and the benefits it brings as the day goes on…