Know What Your Subscribers Want

Email Marketing


Every good marketer knows that relevancy matters and matter a lot.  People respond to message that are relevant to them.  People ignore, or worse, get upset about messages that aren’t relevant.  At the Online Trust Alliance summit in Washington DC today, David Daniels of The Relevancy Group took a deep dive on how marketers can be relevant.  One area that David zeroed in on was preferences.  Subscribers expect marketers to know about their preferences.

Per David’s outline, as a subscriber, I (and others) expect companies to know:

  • The types of services or products  I like
  • The types of offers I like
  • How often I want to hear from you (frequency & timing)
  • How long do I want to hear from you (what’s the sale cycle on the decisions I’m making)
  • What type of content I want

Successful marketers find out and store their subscribers’ preferences and then use those preferences to create and send relevant messages.  As a marketer, remember it’s your mission to know who your subscribers are and what they want.