Modern Marketing

How to Build Trust – A B2B Marketer’s Guide


The OTA just featured a panel session focusing on trust from a Marketer’s perspective.  The panel members listed some good ways that Marketers can build trust in their subscriber bases including:

  • Give users control. When you let users set preferences on how you communicate with them and, more importantly, honor those preferences, you build trust.
  • Highlight and encourage best practices. Best practices often sound like a dry topic.  However, engaged businesses are very interested in best practices.  Highlighting best practices and implementing them shows thought leadership and builds trust.
  • Increase accountability. Show that you are real about accountability and will not tolerate abuse of your subscriber’s data.
  • Collaborate. Business exists in a highly connected environment.  To build trust you’ll need to show your subscribers that you our extending your data controls beyond the confines of your corporate headquarters.
  • Brands promote trust and privacy as a differentiator. Once you’ve done the hard work of setting up and maintaining your trust infrastructure, let the world know.  Don’t keep quiet on how you are protecting your subscribers.

These are all some great ways to build trust in your company and the business ecosystem it works within.