5 Must Watch B2B Videos

Modern Marketing


What resources do you use to learn more about improving your B2B marketing, increase leads and boost sales revenue? Likely whitepapers, blogs and presentations.

But don’t forget the importance of videos.  Smart videos matter to B2B marketers and provide vital information to raise the bar for your programs in an exciting and dynamic format.

Here are 5 videos which apply to B2B marketers you shouldn’t miss:


1.  The State of the Internet

What’s the state of the Internet? Why do you care? At the time this B2B video was created, it points out information like the number of Internet users in the world and other statistics for marketers. As a B2B marketer, knowing where and what’s happening throughout the online world gives you insight into marketing for your prospective customers.


JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

2.  Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers

Do you think B2B social media is not worth it? You will change your tune after you look at this video. This video specifically gives detailed information on how things like Twitter and how word of mouth is important for generating leads in B2B business.

3.  Social Media Revolution

Ready for the social media revolution? If you aren’t using things like blogs and social networks to communicate with prospects, you need to check out the statistics in this video. After seeing the statistics in this video, you will understand how B2B social media changes business and how you communicate with your customers.

4.  Social Media ROI

How is ROI tracked with B2B social media? Continued from the previous video, this one gives details of how other companies measure ROI with social media. This is valuable information for many marketers since many are always on the lookout for ways to measure ROI with social media.

5.  B2B and Branding

Even the simplest thing could lead to great business ideas. This is the premise behind this B2B video. See how one brand not only increased buyers, but also increased brand awareness. By expanding on a simple idea and adding that as part of your demand generation plan, you could improve your lead generation and increase your sales revenue.


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