Lessons Learned: Crowdsourcing the Best of Mastering Lead Management

Demand Generation


Last week Focus.com’s Mastering Lead Management Virtual Event brought some of the leaders of B2B Demand Generation and Sales 2.0 best practices together for a full day, educational event.   Unfortunately, many B2B marketers don’t have all day to watch a virtual event, or even follow the tweet stream, so I thought I would summarize the day, making sure everyone could benefit from some of the great ideas presented throughout the day. 

The first session, Keeping Your Strategy in Lockstep with the Changing B-to-B Buyer, was presented by Carlos Hidalgo, President of The Annuitas Group.  His session talked about how the B2B market is rapidly changing and how this change is being led by the buyer.  Some of the tweets from his session include:

  • ardath421: How sales wants to sell has little impact on how buyers want to buy 
  • shannan0:  segment your data (leads) for optimal success based on ideal targets and existing customer profiles.
  • cjablonski:  Marketers must manage and engage relationships with buyers. Buyers want a 1-1 relationship. 
  • imamike: The hunter has become the hunted. buyers seek out sales people now, not the other way around. 
  • shannan0: More than 50% of marketing teams can’t track sales stats. 
  • ardath421: Wow – up to 70% – 80% of leads never get the proper follow-up. @cahidalgo  Big miss for marketing!
  • funnelholic: 52% of b2b marketers say lead generation is their biggest challenge.
  • ardath421: Only 12.5% of leads generated are sales ready – 17.5% discarded – 70% longer term opps 
  • ardath421: 83% of buyers say they did not follow traditional path in latest purchase process 
  • ardath421: Dream big, start small and scale appropriately when building a lead mgmt process 

Brian Solis of FutureWorks kicked off the next session, Visualizing the Opportunity for B2B Marketers in Social Media.  He explained how social networks are often misinterpreted as playgrounds for B2C organizations. His presentation focused on how social networks can improve B2B marketing efforts.  Tweet highlights from his session were:

  • sarahmiller41@briansolis says take a socialized approach and engage outside of your domains 
  • shannan0: 37% of B2B buyers posted questions on social networks before making buying decisions
  • shannan0: If someone is the center of attention of an audience you want to reach, you need to interact with them via social media.
  • cjablonski:  Over 70% of purchases are restricted to established vendors or are heavily dependent on WOM recos
  • cjablonski:  “Social Objects” are the future of marketing and communications 
  • shannan0: Only 16% of internet searchers consider blogs a trustworthy source of honest information for your product or brand

Content Marketing was the topic of Ardath Albee’s presentation, Scrapping Traditional for Content Marketing: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait.  What I loved about her presentation is that she didn’t just stick to the same old information about content. Instead,  she highlighted the most efficient path to success.  Some of the tweets about her session include:

  • KBlalock: Are you creating content for all stages of sales cycle or deferring to your competitors
  • shannan0: 86% of buyers think they initiate the first point of content. Put content in their path that they find YOU
  • funnelholic: Content is marketing currency — they have to value your content.
  • funnelholic: Content is more than an article, whitepaper, etc..content carries the load 4 engaging prospects u aren’t talking 2
  • imamike: Tip from @ardath421, create a content inventory. Who does it target, problem it solves, how do you distribute?

Mac McIntosh, Business-to-Business Sales Lead Expert, presented 10 Best Practices for Lead Generation and Pipeline Accelerationduring this lead management event.  As a seasoned vetran in this field, he was able to highlight what is really working in B2B marketing and lead generation.  Some important tips captured via twitter include:

  • funnelholic: Marketers: listen to sales calls. That’s marketing intelligence.
  • loribudin: Research shows 3 of 4 sales come from leads that are longer term and not sales ready today.

Matching a Marketing Automation System to Your Needswas presented by David Raab of Raab Associates, Inc.  He discussed how B2B marketing is impossible without technology.  His session helped marketers considering marketing automation to identify the questions they need to ask when choosing a solution.  His thoughts were captured in a few tweets:

Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group, had a great response from those listening during the event.  His session may have been the mosted Tweeted, and not surprising as his session, Getting Started with Lead Nurturing: 10 Tips for Success, was full of great advice.  Some tweets that highlighted this presentation include:

  • cjablonski:  Get sales invlvd w #leadnurturing strtgy -1.they have stake in process, 2, they know things u don’t
  • imamike: Sales people work the trenches, give them a seat at the decision table when discussing lead gen. Obvious but overlooked
  • funnelholic: Responding more effectively to inbound leads is one of the most imp. things you can do with
  • starrsuccess: studies show that the content readers value most is news and articles so consider non-gated content
  • agonzo75: “don’t be limited by lack of content…get creative: record a podcast, create a survey”
  • funnelholic: Consider pushing blog content to your database once a month via email
  • cjablonski: 80% of lead nurturing ROI is achieved through the first 20% of effort
  • funnelholic: Thank you pages are not an afterthought, treat them as opportunity to drive incremental response

Craig Rosenberg, VP of Products and Services at Focus wrapped-up the event with his perspective on lessons learned from the event.   @Agonzo75 summarized Craig’s highlights best with these tweets:

  • agonzo75@funnelholic  takeaways: 5. don’t forget the phone 6. Virtual events work, integrate them into your mix
  • agonzo75@funnelholic takeaways 3.create a content mktg strategy 4.Map the buyer journey to your lead mgmt & content mktg strategy
  • agonzo75@funnelholic takeaways from the #focussummit 1.understand today’s buyer 2.build a lead mgmt platform