The Top 5 Skills You Need to be a Marketable Marketer

Professional Development


While every marketing position likely requires a mix of writing, lead generation, public speaking, decision-making, networking, critical-thinking and researching skills, there are a few key skills that every marketer needs to have mastered.  These include:

  • Analytics skills – Take responsibility for your marketing. This includes creating the reports you need in order to make good decisions.
  • Assessment skills – Weigh the opportunity costs of different programs then assess these options, choosing the best ones to achieve the ideal marketing and program mix for your company.
  • Forecasting skills – It is necessary to know what is coming next and have a plan to execute.
  • Sales skills – The revenue cycle doesn’t belong solely to Sales.  Marketers are responsible for demand generation, product marketing and social media interactions – all of which rely heavily on sales skills.
  • Communication skills – You must be able to communicate with your prospects, customers, peers and managers in a clear and concise way about the value(s) your company provides.

Without these skills no marketer can be truly successful. Marketers must spend time developing their competence in these areas so they can drive success inside their organizations. Those that possess these skills are known as Marketable Marketers!

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