BtoB Leading Edge Virtual Event: 3 Key Marketing Takeaways

Modern Marketing


The bi-annual BtoB Leading Edge Virtual Event is one of the best thought leadership events for marketers focused on driving leads and accelerating deals for their company. I learned a lot at the event, but also had some fun. In our booth, we had many people play our online marketing game modeled after ‘You Don’t Know Jack’. This enthusiasm got me thinking. Shouldn’t we always view Marketing as fun and gratifying? Where we frequently try different tactics and strategies to discover what works best for our company? Perhaps taking a different view on what we currently know can help us achieve this. Joseph Jaffe’s opening keynote, and many of the other speakers, seemed to follow the theme of taking a different perspective on Marketing. I’ve included below a few takeaways from the virtual show that drive marketers to take a different outlook on ways to drive marketing success:

1. Get more from doing less

In the opening keynote, Flip the funnel, Joseph Jaffe presented an interesting idea: everything we know is wrong. More work does not necessarily mean better results. By taking a different approach and improving your processes, you can see better results with less work. Sounds like an infomercial, right? But by creating a different model powered by social media, you can harness the impact of customer-generated word of mouth, reviews and referrals.

2. Be Innovative and Accountable

It’s no secret; the role of marketing has changed. In Steve Woods’ presentation, Moving Beyond Demand Generation To Revenue Acceleration: The evolution of revenue-centric marketing, he explains that while generating leads for the top of the funnel is important, it’s also important for today’s marketer to drive revenue and marketing ROI. With Marketing becoming more data-driven, this means marketing now holds the key to unlocking revenue growth at every stage of the revenue cycle. Here at Marketo, we exercise marketing forecasting to guarantee results, justify marketing budget and prove marketing as an essential part of the revenue team. Through taking a different perspective with this revolutionary methodology, it is possible to transform marketing’s role in driving revenue.

3. Strive to be open, transparent and authentic

Charlene Li, author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies and Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead, discussed the importance of pushing back on traditional marketing methods. Buyers and customers are demanding more openness, and a company that doesn’t allow for this is soon to fall behind and, ultimately, fail. For example, new technologies like Chatter provide organizations with the openness that drives success. (Read more about this concept in a recent blog post, Lessons for Sales and Marketing from Cloudforce San Jose.) Here at Marketo, the majority of our content does not lie behind forms. It is open for everyone to read and learn best practices. Also, by implementing and leveraging social media at your business, these new technologies provide the transparency that will ultimately allow your company to be more profitable.

These are just three examples from the virtual show that embodied the spirit of a different marketing perspective. It was a successful show and we look forward to the next, where speakers are sure to have even more evolved and innovative ideas!