Welcome to the Marketo Modern B2B Sales Blog!



One of the great things about working at Marketo is the amount of marketing and sales professionals we speak to each week.  We’re hearing, sharing, and creating exciting new ideas of how to make the revenue cycle be better.  Marketing Automation really seems to be breaking out, and with it comes an entire reinvention of sales and marketing alignment, best practices, and ideas of how to more acutely define the revenue funnel and the sales cycle. 

It’s an exciting threshold we’re standing on – we’re witnessing companies come back and tell us how they’ve:

  • increased their conversions by 50%+
  • improved their SEO while lowering their online add spend
  • reduced their sales cycles by as much as 35%
  • tightened the relationship and handoff between their sales and marketing teams
  • lower marketing spend by 75% based on better analytical insights

But the best thing is hearing about the increase in CLOSED DEALS that these customers are experiencing.  Marketing Automation certainly improves productivity and makes the marketing role easier, but the real result is measured in greater revenue.  And that will be the mission of this blog – to share ideas, stories, and experiences that can help you drive increased revenue. 

Helping me with this blog will be two leaders from Marketo — Patrick Donnelly, Director of SMB Sales and Gregg Ames, Director of Enterprise Sales at Marketo.  We’ll also be interviewing prospects, partners, and friends, colleagues from other companies, talking with industry pros, reviewing some books, and getting feedback from you! 

So welcome to the Marketo Sales Blog.  Subscribe for updates- or check back often- as we have lots of great content to come!