Top 5 Resources for Email Deliverability

Email Marketing


Poor email deliverability affects your company’s reputation and, in effect, influences your company’s ability to drive revenue. And in a highly competitive B2B industry, reputation and reliability are everything. In this post I’ve included my top five resources to help you improve email deliverability.

  1. Email Experience Council: The email marketing arm of the Direct Marketing Association provides best practices for email and digital marketing. Brush up on your email terminology, explore the latest research and whitepapers, or discover the most recent books on email marketing. If you’re looking for a good primer, I suggest you check out the Email FAQ.
  2. MAAWG: The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group offers detailed best practices, consumer surveys and reports. MAAWG includes data-heavy published documents and the MAAWG Email Metrics program, a quarterly compilation of aggregated data from MAAWG member ISPs, email providers and network operators. The document I’ve found most helpful has been, MAAWG’s Sender Best Communications Practices, Version 2.0.
  3. Return Path’s Resource Section: Return Path, an email deliverability services company, has a rich resource section, containing best practice guides and various research studies. Check out their white paper, Your Reputation Holds the Key to Deliverability.
  4. This blog includes posts from top email deliverability experts. Learn the latest news and hottest strategies to improve your email deliverability. (Maybe even catch up on the latest deliverability “rumors”, fake blacklists, stolen data? Oh my.) The latest article I read, What the !#[email protected] do I do with Headers?, provides a quick tutorial on what headers really mean to quality email communication.
  5. Email Marketing Reports: The ‘deliverability’ page offers tips and techniques on how to measure inbox deliverability, improve email display and much more. Take a look at the article, 192 email deliverability resources, for a collection of articles and helpful insights.

And for those looking for a quick summary of email deliverability, check out our new email deliverability cheat sheet, which will share everything you need in one condensed, easy-to-use guide.