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Taking Action on Ideas from Marketing Profs B2B Forum


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At the end of the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum, a session was held to discuss ideas generated during the event.  Since the session, our team has been thinking about how to implement many of these great ideas.

Here are the first few we are working on:

You need an editorial calendar for your content creation.

Action:  This type of calendar ensures you have the right content at the right time.  I’m creating my own based on a couple I found on the web.  I liked this post because it included downloadable templates to make it easy to build your own.

Learn more:  Content Marketing University Resource Center

SEO and Social Media go hand in hand.

Action: The first action item you should take is to create a list of the keywords you are trying to rank for, matched with the page you are using to make that term rank.  This makes it easy to use the right links when creating content – ensuring you are building the best internal links.  We’re also making sure everyone who blogs or participates in social media at Marketo has this list so they can do the same.

Learn more:  Lee Odden’s Social media and SEO

Sales can tell you a lot about the success of the program.  

Action: This goes far beyond asking a sales rep what is working.  This is about capturing data and looking at what the numbers tell you.  By focusing on your lead management process, you’ll be able to isolate what is working and what is not, because you’ll see what drives revenue.

Learn more: IDC’s article on Sales and Marketing Alignment

A thoughtful landing page experience can significantly increase conversion. 

Action: Marketo wrote the book on building successful landing pages (no really, the book on creating landing pages is here), but that doesn’t mean we always remember to follow our own best practices.  Our big action here is to review each of our landing pages, thinking about what the experience would be had we never seen them before.  I’m also going to ask third parties what they think- hoping to get ideas I would have never thought of on my own.

Learn more: Ebook on Building Effective Landing Pages

Email testing isn’t an option if you want a successful email program (though you need to have a purpose for the test). 

Action:  While we test on a regular basis, I’m making it a point to create rules of when we test.  For example, the email follow-up we are sending to those we talked to at the MarketingProfs event is part of a test.  Any email you get from us following an event will have some element tested.  It’s just good practice.  Note: I’m lucky because our Marketo system allows us to set up a test in about 32 seconds.  If the tools you are using prevent you from running tests then get different tools.  There is no excuse for not making this a best practice.

Learn more:  Ebook on Email Testing

Mobile marketing should be a part of your B2B marketing mix. 

Action:  First, stop ignoring it.  Second, start thinking small.  I think one of the big barriers to using mobile marketing is we think about mobile applications or big brand campaigns.  Think smaller.  Test your emails on mobile browsers.  Same with your website and landing pages.  Consider mobile versions.

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These are just a couple of the things that are top of mind after the show. While attending shows helps us to reevaluate our own strategy, it’s always beneficial to take time to regroup, re-strategize and remember to follow your own best practices.

How do you take action on ideas learned from various shows and implement them at your own company?