5 Ways to Write a Killer B2B Blog Post

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A challenge many B2B organizations face is consistently creating content that’s unique, relevant and resourceful – all at the same time. Learn to write killer B2B blog posts with these 5 tips:

MarketingProfs imageMarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog leverage the popular list post concept with its post, “Five Better Ways to Remember Lists.”

1. Make a list. One of the simplest B2B blog post concepts can be the most effective: list posts. Think “25 Must-Read Email Marketing Resources,” “15 Influential Leaders in Search Engine Optimization” or “30 Can’t Miss Social Media Conferences.”

List posts are effective because they are easily scanned. Plus, readers know exactly what they’re getting simply by viewing the headline – influencing many to share the content with their social networks even before clicking through themselves.

List posts can also effectively attract inbound links. For example, with the “15 Influential Leaders in Search Engine Optimization” post, thought leaders profiled are likely to link back to the post from their own blog or corporate website.

ProBlogger imageProBlogger effectively used a reverse blog post concept with “How Not to Promote Your Blog,” and played off the shock value.

2. Write the unexpected. Tips and checklists are popular blog formats, but to create a post that truly stands out, write a reverse tips or checklist post. For example, instead of “10 Ways to Improve Deliverability on Your Next Email Campaign,” try writing “Top 10 Ways to Get Flagged as Spam.”

When it all boils down, both posts offer similar takeaways: how to ensure your emails reach subscribers’ inboxes. The reverse post concept may be even more successful at attracting readers and inbound links, thanks to the “shock” value.

3. Play off current events. Relating B2B blog content back to current events can help make posts relevant, timely and interesting.

For example, an event planning software company could leverage a news item about the Winter Olympics on its blog. A post could discuss the planning element of the large-scale event, and tie in the company’s business offerings.

Anneke Seley The Modern B2B Marketing Blog highlights thought leader interviews each month, such as Anneke Seley.

4. Leverage someone else’s thoughts. Thought leader interviews make great content for B2B blogs. The Modern B2B Marketing Blog has used this concept with our Thought Leader Interview Series, where influential figures such as Anneke Seley and Bill Odell have provided insight on a range of B2B marketing topics.

Leveraging the insight and opinions of respected industry leaders not only provides interesting, relevant content for readers; it can also position your B2B organization as a thought leader.

5. Use stats, poll results or other research. Research-driven posts – whether based on an in-depth research report or a less formal reader poll – are another killer element for B2B blogs. B2B organizations can leverage their own research, or that of other groups.

The benefits of research-driven posts are two-fold: First, byte-sized statistical information is simple and quick to read. Secondly, it’s easily sharable via social networks.

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