You Don’t Know Jack About Online Marketing – More than Just the Coolest Marketing Game Ever

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B2B Online Marketing - You Don't Know Jack Today, Marketo launched a fun interactive game called You Don’t Know Jack about Online Marketing.  Within minutes of the launch, we had hundreds of marketers testing their skills to see how their knowledge stacked up compared to their friends and marketing peers.  There has been lots of great feedback, but we have received a few questions about why we’d create this online marketing quiz.   This effort doesn’t directly generate leads, and doesn’t require registration to play, so why create this game?

Marketo sees this type of quiz as content, similar to a white paper or webinar.  The content provided in these types of papers is critical to marketing education and can help marketers find the products that meet the needs of their organization.  Unfortunately, sometimes this content is filled with promotions or there is just too much available to get through all of it.  That’s why this game is perfect.  It teaches some valuable information to online marketers, without taking up too much time.  Plus, it’s fun and funny!

This doesn’t mean you should not have content to generate demand and generate leads.  Leads just weren’t the goal of this program.  At Marketo, this is what we call seed nurturing.  Seed nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified prospects before you have their contact information.
Content, whether created for seed nurturing or lead generation can also be used in lead nurturing.  Because of this, we will be adding the You Don’t Know Jack about Online Marketing game as early content in our nurturing tracks.  The cool part about this is we will be able to share this with many more people than the original batch email to our list, helping us get even more value out of the effort for months to come.

For marketers that think this is great, but don’t have the resources to create content like this, use content created by someone else.  In lead nurturing, the benefit comes from the interaction from your email, not the content itself, so you can easily use someone else’s content as part of your nurturing campaign.  If you are marketing to B2B marketers, feel free to link to our game in your nurturing emails.  And if you are selling to a different demographic, go and find content that would be useful to them.  This will be appreciated by the prospect, while allowing you to add lots of touches into your nurturing program.

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Online Marketing - You Don't Know Jack