Marketing Automation: Simple Ways to Get Started

Marketing Automation


For B2B organizations looking to shorten sales cycles, increase revenue and achieve better marketing ROI, marketing automation is the natural answer. These automated solutions manage the process of converting prospects to buyers by automating tasks and workflows such as:

  • Demand generation
  • Lead management
  • Sales and marketing alignment

But for B2B organizations yet to embark on marketing automation, the idea of automating all tasks and workflows in the revenue cycle can be overwhelming.

To create a manageable plan for automating marketing functions, try one or more of these 5 simple ways to get started in marketing automation:

  1. Prioritize based on highest needs. Assess the areas of the revenue cycle needing the most improvement, such as lead generation, lead nurturing or sales and marketing alignment. Focus on those areas first. 
  2. Create marketing assets that can generate interest during every stage of the buying process. For example, instead of creating solution-oriented content, produce educational content for the beginning of the process. That content could be a case study illustrating how a specific challenge was overcome, or a webinar providing tips to alleviate a common problem. 
  3. Incorporate already automated tasks in the solution first. Create a list of routine marketing activities in which the company engages, such as auto-response emails. By first implementing these types of tasks in the marketing automation solution, organizations can spend more time on creative strategies.
  4. Focus on the lead database. Evaluate the organization’s lead database. Segment the list based on lead source or profile information for marketing campaigns.
  5. Develop simple, automated workflows in the beginning. Save the advanced techniques for later. Instead, create workflows such as following up a form submission with an email from a salesperson, complete with content on a related topic.

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