Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Maintenance Checklist


Checklist While marketing automation may allow your lead nurturing campaigns to be delivered to the right person at the right time and hot leads to pass to sales at the moment they are researching your product, that does not mean that your marketing programs do not need maintenance. By following this quick checklist, you will make sure your marketing automation campaigns continue to help leads move through your pipeline and keep your sales team happy.

Every week

  • Look for big changes in PPC, SEO, or email campaign results that may indicate a form or link may be broken
  • Review leads to make sure sales has followed up quickly and appropriately
  • Review leads that did not get passed to sales ensuring all good leads were passed and none were overlooked

Every Month

  • Test something new each month to improve your landing pages and emails
  • Implement what’s learned from testing into other campaigns to improve campaign performance
  • Add any new thought leadership to your nurturing campaigns
  • Schedule any new reports that may be useful to sales or management to be delivered to them automatically

Every Quarter

  • Update your nurturing campaigns with fresh, relevant content
  • Meet with your sales team to discuss lead scoring optimizations
  • Update the campaign calendar to ensure you will have new emails, landing pages, and content for the next quarter
  • Look for ways to do more segmentation and personalization in current campaigns to improve results
  • Review new features of your marketing automation system that may have been released during the previous quarter

By running through this simple checklist, you will make be sure to get the most out of your marketing automation tool while also keeping your management and sales teams happy.