Top 12 B2B Holiday Cards

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December is the time for B2B companies to shine. This is because B2C companies have all the sexy, edgy, memorable ads the rest of the year, leaving B2B companies to be more conservative and serious. But in December things change. While B2C ads are filled with holiday sales and discounts, I see a rush of B2B companies getting fun, stretching their creative muscles, and putting out some of the most entertaining and exciting digital ads via holiday e-cards.

Here are some of my favorites of 2009:

1. Spam, oh how we hate spam. But Mother London’s Honest $10000 Spam made it fun with this spin on spam made to make every email recipient rethink their junk mail.

Mother London's Honest 10000 Spam

2. Is there any show that B2B marketers connect with more than The Office? (Okay, maybe Mad Men – you can view a spoof of that show from Cultivator Advertising and Design) Well, this version of The Office is a perfect treat, sharing more than holiday cheer with their Unicard.


3. Modea would wins my vote for cool holiday card. Their Holiday 2009 Lost Phone card is great – reminding us of the fun and function we have with our iPhones.

Modea Lost Phone

4. DCI Group’s holiday card reminds B2B marketers of all the work in takes to make sure our customers know how much we appreciate them- but be careful with this one, it’s Top Secret.

DCI Group Top Secret

5. This card from CollectiveIntellect captures the social media frenzy going on with their company holiday card? card.

CollectiveIntellect company holiday card.

6. Genesis Inc. made every marketer forget about work for a minute and think of their love of holiday lights with Light. Switch.

Genesis Light Switch

7. Pop Art was super creative this year with Holidize Me, forcing all marketers to realize their website can be fun too!

Holidaize Card

8. Did you tweet your New Year marketing resolution and wonder if it went unnoticed? Well if you tagged it #NewYearsResolution then AKQA’s Resotweeetion included you in their holiday greeting.

AKQA Resotweetion

9. I loved Uranium Interactive’s look at technology through the years with a pretty great prediction for 2012.

Christmas through the years

10. At Marketo we’re pretty analytical, making all our marketing and sales decisions on solid data. That’s why I love Gelia’s Holiday by the Numbers Greeting – it’s brainy and funny!

Gelia Holiday Card

11. And speaking of analytical, ASI Communications let’s you see who would win at Season’s Beatings pitting holiday traditions against each other and letting you vote for a winner sharing the results for those number crunchers out there.

Season's Beatings

12. And finally, make sure to check out Marketo’s holiday greeting, an obvious personal favorite filled with tips for making 2010 a great success.

B2B Holiday

Did I miss any great ones from B2B companies? Please share in the comments below.

Happy Holidays to you from Marketo!