Holiday Greetings from Marketo, in Verse

Modern Marketing


Two weeks before 2010

‘Twas two weeks before 2010 and all through the day,
the marketers were working through the year-end disarray.

Analyzing the ’09 plans and the resulting sales,
what worked, what didn’t, what should’ve, what failed.

The sales team was nestled all snug in their slumber,
assured that their quotas they’ll soon meet in number.

So here at Marketo we did a quick list,
of our views and misses and targets and hits.

We’ve gathered together the 5 Golden Rules,
of trends and tactics, of strategies and tools.

Where your tactics this year become strategies next,
so your company will grow and your career will be blessed.

For social media, in 2009, you learned how to tweet,
in 2010 integrated social marketing makes you hard to beat.

Drip campaigns in 2009 were all the rage,
but in 2010 lead lifecycle management will make you a sage.

Aligning marketing and sales was your best bet,
but collaboration between departments is your next step.

While demographic scoring is a good place to start,
behavioral and social scoring you should take to heart.

On LinkedIn, on Facebook, on blogs, on Twitter,
Your prospectsfinding you is all the sweeter.

So visit our blog to read and learn and such,
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And finally, here’s wishing you peace, joy and sales,
and everything else that success entails.

Holiday wishes from your friends at Marketo