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8 Important Takeaways from the B2B Virtual Edge Event for B2B Marketers


B2B Digital Edge Virtual Event With the B2B Virtual Edge Trade Show ending just minutes ago, I thought it would be great to share with everyone a summary of what participants said during the event.

First, major kudos to David Meerman Scott and Marcy Shinder of American Express OPEN for giving fantastic keynote speaches during the one day virtual event!

Some of the top highlights I pulled from the tweets include (plus a couple comments on how to learn more):

  1. Focus on content and match it to buyer personas (Looking to do this? Check out our Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing which provides you a worksheet to map this out)
  2. Be a presence online- both for your company and your personal brand
  3. Lead nurturing and lead scoring are key to B2B marketing success
  4. Integrate social media into your marketing automation to make social marketing automation (I like this one because Marketo kicks butt with B2B social media marketing.)
  5. And, not everyone loved that some of the sessions were prerecorded for the event- want live interaction, not just live Q&A
  6. Buying behavior has changed- make sure your marketing changes with it
  7. Marketers are using social media to gain competitive advantage – make sure you are too
  8. Mobile Marketing is important too.  (Here is my cool paper on B2B Mobile Email Marketing )

Top Tweets from the day:

  • bobfels: David Meerman Scott, says, we must unlearn, yes we do!
  • ckburgess: Hotel websites are built around product |so are most BtoB websites | build around buyer personas instead
  • Genius_com: Research & create buyer personas then develop unique content for each of your “buyer personas” on your website
  • searchcircus: “On the Web, you ARE what you publish,” according to David Meerman Scott, a marketing strategist at B2B online tradeshow.
  • searchcircus: “Stop talking to gobbledygook,” says marketing strategist David Meerman Scott
  • ivycohen: #B2BEDGE quote: “You are what you tweet”
  • SEOAlicia: Use your own photos w/ real employees to attract your buyers’ personas, says Meerman Scott
  • lukasquanstrom: so, #b2bedge keynote talk was taped in October huh?
  • searchcircus: “Lose complete control of your marketing,” says David Meerman Scott Search Circus says, Awesome wisdom, David!
  • marketo: Implementing lead nurturing & lead scoring? Think big, start small, move quickly!
  • Genius_com: Some stats: 72% of marketers have used social media for 6 months or more & 64% spend 5+ hours a week
  • BarbraGago: From @smexaminersurvey of marketers: Tools include 86% Twitter, 79% Blogs, 78% LinkedIn, 77% Facebook, and 44% YouTube #b2bedge @PaulDunay
  • BarbraGago: “Socialize Your Business” through “Social Marketing Automation”
  • david_genius: How @Avaya uses social media: Forums = Help Desk, Blog = Voice, Social Networks = Hubs, Micro Blogs = Teasers (via @PaulDunay)
  • marketo: Lead nurturing & lead scoring = 50% more qualified sales leads & 20% better revenue attainment @jonmiller2
  • david_genius: SMB customer for $250,000 – Found (on twitter) & closed in 13 days!!! Wow @Avaya #b2bedge (via @PaulDunay)
  • ckburgess: Social Marketing is setting stage for Mobile Marketing | by @PaulDunay @Avaya
  • johnfoleyjr: Question: How do you make a case for social media internally? Answer: (via @PaulDunay) Start with the customer support angle
  • Genius_com: Marcy Shinder on Social Media “As we help others growth their business, ultimately it helps us.”
  • BarbraGago: Enter into social media as a peer. Understand the environment, and make sure the message fits the culture (Ken Venturi)
  • heyrobertdavis: Jon Miller, @Marketo – “Nurturing = marketing to the leads you already paid to acquire”
  • InboundMarketer: Buying behavior has transformed- lead generation needs to keep up @jonmiller2

Want to see more of the Tweets? Check out all of the Tweets from the B2B Virtual Edge Show.