Creating a New Customer Every Few Days – Marketo’s Secret Sauce to Sales Success

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Last week I helped moderate the webinar, Marketo’s Secret Sauce for Sales Success.  It is a sequel to one of Marketo’s most popular webinars. The Secret Sauce to Demand Generation, given by Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo about how we generate leads and nurture them through the buying process.  This webinar has had hundreds of views and shares the exact reports, plans, and scoring that Marketo uses to prepare leads for our sales team.  This new webinar was created to show what happens to these leads once they are passed to sales. 

But why would anyone even care about Marketo’s sales process?  As a part of the Marketo team I sometimes take for granted the amazing accomplishments of sales over the past 2 years.  Just today we announced 300+ customers and 328% Q3 revenue growth.  While closed deals and sales success seem part of the norm here, it’s because of the structure built around the process and the cohesiveness between sales and marketing.

Specifically, the Secret Sauce for Sales Success is an hour long webinar used to discuss the sales process Marketo’s Bill Binch, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Marketo, has created for Marketo, including information about:

  • How Marketo uses Sales 2.0 techniques to fuel their revenue growth
  • How Marketo handles sales opportunities, lead follow-up and recycling
  • How Marketo uses Sales Insight to accelerate the sales cycle
  • What sales metrics Marketo tracks and why

And on the call, Bill was joined by Anneke Seley, CEO of Phone Works and author of the popular book, Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology.   Anneke asks hard questions about what happens when a lead isn’t followed up with properly and what happens when leads aren’t ready to buy. 

My favorite part of the webinar was the Q&A where Bill and Anneke fielded about 10 questions from other sales managers including how we compensate our sales people, how to sell a more social selling structure into your organization, and how to infuse sales 2.0 into a sales process.

I not only recommend this webinar for Sales Managers, but also strongly urge Marketing Managers to check out this recording.  By working with your sales team to create a true Sales 2.0 revenue process you will not only be improving the success of your programs, but also will gain better insight into where Marketing has made great contributions. 

Marketo Secret Sauce for Sales