The 6th Annual MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit in San Francisco

Lead Management


MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing SummitThis year’s MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit was a great success.  Those that attended the event could tell from the minute it started that they would be leaving with actionable ideas to improve their marketing program.  The summit kicked off with Flint McGlaughlin speaking on landing page optimization, information complimentary to the content in the MarketingExperiments Landing Page Optimization Course where marketers crowd in to hear Flint give tips for a day on how to improve their landing page conversions.  His content was more than a marketing best practice session, it was a challenge to go back and improve on what you are doing, making your work more successful for you and your company.  And you knew people were learning because they were taking notes instead of Tweeting, and asking questions instead of sneaking out for breaks. 

Every session had a topic, but was also wrapped around a case study, so you could see how someone applied the top tricks or best practices.  Also, after each presenter spoke they were given time to answer questions, and often continued the conversation outside the training area in small group discussions, though only after the final slide with action oriented takeaways from the presentation. 

Some of my to-dos from the event include (though I have many more):

  • Look into what is happening with leads that have not responded.  See if I can use creative emails and offers to ‘Wake the Dead’ including the use of free offers to encourage response  
  • Update my buyer personas and use these personas to ‘talk’ to my prospects and customers on my website, in my emails, and in social media
  • Review my landing pages to make sure they create the proper experience for those that find them, filled with content in the order that is right for them, and not filled with information about my company or product
  • Focus on the quality of my leads, not the quantity
  • Remember content is more than white papers and webinars, it’s video, case studies, and more – make sure to have the content in the format my prospects desire
  • Make sure I get the most out of my content, since it’s expensive to create.  Leverage it in multiple ways and find creative ways to produce it at a lower cost.
  • Remember that not everyone searches the way I do, with the keywords I would- focus on the data I see in my marketing automation system to tell me how people search

The vendors I chatted with at the event were talking more about thought leadership than their products.  Demandbase was excited to talk about their successful webinar, All Star Email Campaigns, a must see for any B2B online marketer.  And Amy Hawthorne of Reachforce told me about new content on the Reachforce blog, The B2B Lead.  Josiane Feigon, author of Smart Selling for the Phone and Online, shared tips from her book including ideas to make my internal sales team work smarter, and XuanThu Pham from Jigsaw mentioned the Jigsaws webinar series, and its popularity with both sales and marketing departments. 

If you couldn’t attend, there is another summit in Boston on October 5 and 6.  And if that is too soon, check out the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in January- which should help ensure you are kicking of 2010 with the right email marketing practices in place for a successful year.

And finally, great thanks to Dave Wieneke and Emily Salus who shared how they improved their marketing programs, driving sales and marketing alignment and increasing revenue.  Dave spoke on how to re-engage prospects to enhance his organization’s pipeline, and Emily shared secrets to lead scoring success – though both shared how they used Marketo to run and manage their campaigns during their presentation.  To learn more about this, check out our popular webinar, Can Marketing Help Sales Sell?