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New Facebook Search- Benefits for Marketers


There has been lots of chatter on social networks today about Facebook buying FriendFeed and enabling search on profiles and walls- and how this new functionality might compete with Twitter.  To me this news is more important because of what it does now, not its long term impact on Twitter, as it lets me get more information about what people are saying about my company.

Facebook New Search

Being able to search in Facebook helps me as a Marketer in the following ways:

  • I can see what others in my network are saying about my company
  • I can also compare this to what everyone is saying about my company (if their posts are not protected)
  • I can see this same information for my competitors or target keywords

Lead Nurturing on Facebook

View of Lead Nurturing search in Facebook

Searchable items are available for the previous 30 days and include:

  • Status Updates
  • Links
  • Notes
  • Photos & Videos (only for Friends)

There are many reasons I think this enhances or changes how I will use Facebook, including:

  • Ability to review the results from Facebook search will enhance my social media/online reputation management process.
  • To me this information is useful because not everyone uses both Twitter and Facebook.  And, many people who do use both use them in different ways causing them to say different things about my company in their different networks. 
  • The comments people are making about my company in Facebook are not limited to 140 characters, so I can get a better understanding of what the Facebook user is trying to say. 
  • This new functionality gives marketers a new incentive to grow their networks as large as possible.  This is because the larger your network the more search results you will be able to see from Friends.  
  • I also think this news may make people pay more attention to their privacy settings, potentially limiting what I can see from my friends. 
  • Understanding who is likely to talk about you may allow you to make better choices about how you will advertise on Facebook.  Currently 83 of the top 100 US marketing spenders also use Facebook advertising, and search in Facebook will now allow them to track conversations people are having from their post.
  • Allows me to interact with people who make comments about my product even if I don’t log into my account every few minutes to see feed updates.  This is a big problem for Facebook users with lots of friends because they may miss important updates.  This helps these power users find them. 

Gary Vaynerchuck, a well known blogger, put together the following video which explains his thoughts on the new functionality.  Check it out: