Can Marketing Help Sales Sell?

Sales Marketing Alignment


On recent call with a prospective enterprise customer, the marketing manager told me that at her company, the relationship between marketing and sales was so bad that the sales team did not even allow her to access their Salesforce CRM system.

In this economy, fighting between marketing and sales teams must stop. The need to to maximize revenue using every tool at your disposal is simply too important. Research shows that companies where marketing and sales can collaborate through the revenue cycle generate more leads and convert more leads into revenue.

We recently recorded a great webinar with some fresh perspectives on this topic from Barry Trailer of CSO Insights and Phil Fernandez, president and CEO of Marketo. Now available on-demand, register to watch Can Marketing Help Sales Sell? to see:

  • The latest research from CSO Insights
  • How marketing and sales can work together
  • An introduction to Marketo Sales Insight

Here are some tidbits from the webinar:

  • Companies that find say it is easy for sales to access to useful information about leads and prospects generate 18% points higher revenue attainment than those that say it is hard
  • When should marketing stop talking to a prospect, if ever
  • How can online insights help sales reps prioritize time on the right accounts and activities
  • What types of campaigns help sales sell

Watch the on-demand webinar Can Marketing Help Sales Sell? now.