Peace on Earth: 12 Days of Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Sales Marketing Alignment


In this traditional time of peace on earth, let’s consider an area that typically is filled with strife and conflict: the relationship between marketing and sales. Aligning sales and marketing isn’t easy, but you have to start somewhere. So consider these 12 Days of Marketing and Sales Collaboration:
1. Start from the top – The marketing and sales teams need to communicate, and communication should start at the top, with the CEO, CSO and CMO.
2. Respect and trust – Like any relationship, getting along means you should learn to respect and trust each other.
3. Have a date night – Coordination starts with simply having a relationship. Talk to each other, have lunch once in a while.
4. Take each other to work – Invite each other to your staff meetings. Marketing goes to sales calls; sales goes to planning meetings.
5. Speak the same language – For instance, marketing and sales should both agree on what constitutes a Prospect and a Lead.
6. Design lead scoring jointly – Determine basic lead scoring, then use feedback from sales to make changes.
7. Let marketing continue to nurture when sales engages – Coordinate and collaborate communication to later-stage opportunities. They still benefit from best practice information.
8. Establish target accounts and use marketing on the front lines – Marketing can target contacts in those accounts and should alert sales when target accounts visit the site or download key content.
9. Close the loop – Knowing what campaigns actually produce sales allows marketing to focus on what works.
10. Share metrics for success – With a well-designed revenue cycle, accountability is shared between sales and marketing. Each has a part to play and success means success for everyone.
11. Develop a post-sales strategy to encourage cross-sell and up-sell – Customers need nurturing, too.
12. Just work together – You’re on the same team.
Sales and Marketing alignment is reachable. Start with #1 and move forward to make these 12 days last all year long.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, from your friends at Marketo.