The Revenue Revolution Manifesto

Sales Marketing Alignment


Revenue Revolution Manifesto

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • That marketing and sales are equally important contributors to Revenue and have certain rights and responsibilities;
  • That among these are Cooperation, Communication and Collaboration in the pursuit of Revenue; and
  • That marketing and sales Coordinated in action can create easier and better quality sales cycles that foster explosive revenue growth.

In order to form a more functional Revenue organization, we hereby declare and decree that marketing and sales will unite to:

  • Go beyond the Sales Cycle and focus on the complete Revenue Cycle
  • Respect the different strengths that each function brings to the organization
  • Communicate regularly and develop trust
  • Create a common definition for lead stages and a “sales ready lead”
  • Nurture relationships with prospects regardless of timing to buy
  • Interact with prospects in an intelligent way that respects the communications they’ve already received and the interests they’ve demonstrated

This manifesto is not just a static list of ideas. It is a living document that will grow as the Revenue Revolution community grows. Please join in expressing your commitment to Revenue by signing the manifesto yourself at