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Demand Generation Made Simple


David Raab is an analyst specializing in marketing technology and analysis. Like me, he is a strong believer that marketers increasingly depend on technology for success, and he has made a business helping clients objectively select the right tools and deploy them effectively.

His blog, Customer Experience Matrix, explores technologies and business issues that help organizations make the most of every customer interaction. Recently, he’s been looking at demand generation vendors (including Marketo), so if you are in the market for demand generation software you should certainly take a look at his blog and articles.

As part of this, I recently had the opportunity to tell him about Marketo Lead Management, and he wrote the following review:

As I wrote last week, demand generation vendors have a hard time differentiating their systems from each other. One company that has made a concerted effort is newcomer Marketo. Marketo has a one-word elevator speech: simplicity.

That’s not to say Marketo is a simple product. Functionally, it covers all the demand generation bases: outbound email, landing pages, Web site monitoring, lead scoring, multi-step nurturing programs, prospect database, analytics, integration. It even adds A/B testing for landing pages, which you don’t see everywhere. The depth in each area is perfectly respectable as well.

Where simplicity comes in is the user interface…

Read the entire review: Marketo Aims to Simplify Demand Generation.