Stupid Marketing that’s not so Dumb

Lead Management


I was just checking out Kevin Epstein’s Stupid Marketing blog, and came across a great entry about the top ten marketing lessons to learn from Ikea. And it occurred to me that most of these 10 also apply to marketing automation and lead management software. In particular, I’m fond of:

#8 – It’s efficient.  On the lead management side, one big reason to automate your marketing campaigns is to become more efficient. Why do it if the automation tool is hard to install, has a long learning curve, and is cumbersome to manage? Your marketing automation tool should work the way you do.

#6 – It’s inexpensive. We’re marketers. How much of our budget can we afford to spend on an automation tool? Find one that fits your budget.

#3 – It’s customer-friendly. Nothing’s hidden. Your lead management software should give you need to make your job easier. And it should be visually appealing. After all, it’s going to be your main tool for managing your campaigns.

These are some of the ideas we have kept in mind while developing Marketo Lead Management, which is now in beta. And they should be top of mind for you while you’re considering automating your lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring activities.