Align Sales & Marketing with Lead Scoring

Sales Marketing Alignment


As buyers increasingly use online channels, such as searching, attending webinars, and downloading white papers, marketing meets prospects earlier than ever in the buying process — often long before they are ready to engage with sales.

This is one reason that, on average, only 25% of new leads are sales ready, so you need a way to find the hot ones and pass them to sales before a competitor contacts them or they go cold.

With lead nurturing, you can deepen the relationship with each prospect over time, by interacting in a variety of settings and learning more about each other’s needs and capabilities while progressing steadily from one interaction to the next. And you know when to commit more resources to the relationship as well as when to pull back and give the prospect some space.

Lead scoring is an integral part of lead nurturing, so you can determine your prospect’s level of interest in your solution (engagement), as well as your interest in your prospect (demographics targeting).

In Marketo’s new white paper, “Are They Hot or Not?“, we give you quick tips about how you can use lead scoring as a way to align sales and marketing. Working with your sales team, you must determine the traits that make up your “ideal” prospect, decide the level of engagement needed to create a top qualified lead, and then review your scoring methodology.

Download “Are They Hot or Not“, Marketo’s new whitepaper with practical tips for lead scoring.