Join Marketo’s Lead Management Software Beta Program?

Lead Management


I typically avoid too much self-promotion in this blog, but I’m really excited about recent developments at Marketo. We’ve been working hard on our easy-to-use marketing automation software, and now we’re finally getting close to the beta release of our new solutions for email marketing, lead nurturing, and lead scoring.

We believe this release will change the game for marketing automation applications. Most of the solutions available today require tons of up-front integration and training — and once implemented, their programs can be difficult to change without additional professional services. We think that doesn’t match the dynamic way modern marketing departments really work. So, that’s why we designed our solution to be addictively easy to use, allowing you to manage marketing campaigns without lots of implementation, training or IT support.

As preparation for this release, we’re putting together a few webinars with customers and friends to show off the new capabilities and solicit participation in our free beta program. If you are considering a marketing automation solution and are interested in participating, please learn more and sign up for our lead management software beta program at

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