Online Marketing Tools Come of Age – Article

Marketing Automation


An article in B-to-B Magazine yesterday validated the reality of most marketers: that we don’t have big capital budgets. You know, the kind used for most enterprise software purchases.   We have monthly and quarterly budgets, and we’re frequently looking for software that will help us do our jobs better (and track ROI) without requiring huge upfront costs and implementations.

In the article ‘Online marketing tools come of age,’ Marketo president and CEO Phil Fernandez says that "it’s easier for a marketing department to pay $5,000 per month on a piece of software they really think they need and say, ‘We’ll cut it off if it’s not profitable.”

And Marketo customer Charles Watson, VP of Marketing at BlueRoads agrees that the monthly fee structure for on-demand software better fits  budgets than the traditional enterprise software model.

Forrester senior analyst Suresh Vittal agrees that SaaS is attractive to marketers, since we are used to outsourcing, with mail houses, telemarketing firms and the like.

Triple points for this one: product and message validation from a leading trade magazine, an analyst, and a customer!