Participation – The Fifth P of Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Most probably remember from Marketing 101 the four P’s: Price, Product, Placement, and Promotion. This morning I attended a presentation by Mario Sundar, LinkedIn‘s Community Evangelist, where, among other things, he talked about the fifth P of marketing: Participation.

Mario used brand perception as an example of participating with your customers and prospects. You should participate with them wherever they are, and increasingly, your customers and prospects are reading and writing on blogs, wikis, etc. He had a lot of say, but here’s my quick synopsis of the things you should do to monitor your brand perception.

  1. Monitor conversations on blogs, wikis, and the like by taking advantage of RSS feeds.
  2. The more your presence is felt, the more positive the brand perception.
  3. Even if someone has a gripe, respond quickly and honestly.
  4. Publish content about your company. Better that you create it than someone else.

At Marketo, we definitely try to follow these suggestions. We have this blog, plus a wiki and forum for our documentation and support. And we encourage comments and emails. So if you want to add anything to this list, let us know!

BTW, Mario’s presentation was a keynote at the Online Marketing Summit in Palo Alto. Organized and hosted by BusinessOnline‘s Aaron Kahlow, the summit is a booth-free, two-track conference focused on online marketing, including social media, search engine optimization, and lead cultivation.