Marketo Initiates Coverage of B2B Marketing With a “Strong Buy” Rating

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Marketo today initiated coverage of B2B Marketing (B2BM) with a Strong Buy rating, citing B2B Marketing’s undervaluation and its importance in driving revenue and profits for organizations.

In a research note released to clients, Marketo said that B2B Marketing has great potential, but is currently undervalued and in need of new management and capabilities. Marketo believes that by bringing in new capabilities related to driving revenue and improving accountability, B2B Marketing will be able to earn a seat at the revenue table.

“We believe there are two distinct areas that will unlock B2B Marketing’s true potential,” says Marketo. “First, marketers need to start using hard metrics like revenue and profits and they need to treat their marketing budgets like an investment. This will help fellow executives to think of marketing as a revenue-producing asset, not a cost center.”

Marketo continued, saying “Second, since better marketing accountability shines a bright light on poor performance as well as good performance, marketers need new capabilities that drive sales-ready leads and revenue for their organizations. In an era of Google and Web 2.0 where 80% of buyers think they found their vendors, this begins with the ability to optimize search engine marketing and landing pages.”

With these new management capabilities in place, Marketo sees potential for significant upside and growth in the success and respect generated by B2B Marketing, and thus begins coverage with a “Strong Buy” rating.

Note: In case it isn’t clear, this post is meant to be humorous. Marketo has not suddenly turned into an investment firm. We still provide B2B marketing automation software!

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