Links – 22 April 2007

Modern Marketing


Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click

5 Tips For Stagnant PPC Ad Groups
The Lonely Marketer Pat Schaber shares five strategies he used to boost performance from his PPC ad groups.

Things You Shouldn’t Care About in PPC
Why things (like position) that you think matter in PPC don’t matter.

How to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate
Tips for improving B2B landing pages, from MarketingSherpa’s Stefan Tornquist (old article, but still relevant).

Strategize your Pay per Click Campaign for Maximum Profits in 7 Easy Steps
Step-by-step article on how to optimize your search program (another oldie but goodie).

Google Search Engine Ranking Factors
From SEOmoz comes an updated list of what matters, and what doesn’t, for organic search rankings – based on input from 35 top SEOs.

Modern B2B Marketing

Quantum Physics & Marketing: How Your Thoughts Affect Campaign Results
As a physics major, this one caught my eye: MarketingSherpa’s Anne Holland explains how believing in your campaign (and your product) can actually help influence the results – and why it’s so hard for B2B technology marketers to do since they don’t typically use the product themselves.

Tech Turns to Web 2.0
How technology marketers are using Web 2.0 techniques to interact with customers directly and enhance sales and marketing.

The Future of Advertising Is Now
From Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategy+Business comes a review of advertising in an era of “Left Brain Marketing”: shift spending and management attention to digital media; promote interaction with audiences; create research approaches and metrics that measure outcomes, not inputs; combine “above-the-line” advertising (TV, radio, and print) and “below-the-line” marketing (promotions, sponsorships, events, public relations) in two-way, integrated campaigns; and “in-source” new skills and capabilities to achieve greater sales impact and other measurable results.

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