Four Steps to Better Business Leads From Search

Lead Management


Many B2B companies have a chasm between the pay-per-click campaigns that generate clicks and the campaigns that help turn those clicks into customers. When the goal of search marketing is to drive high-quality leads to sales, no B2B pay-per-click campaign is complete without these additional “post-click” steps:

  • Send the click to a targeted landing page that’s optimized for the ad and keyword.
  • Gather explicit and implicit data to analyze and score the lead, passing the hot leads to your sales force.
  • Use lead nurturing to stay in touch and build a relationship with leads that are not yet sales ready.
  • Track leads through the revenue pipeline, measure the impact of each click on revenue, and apply closed-loop learning to tune your campaign and optimize bids.

In other words, B2B search marketing needs be an integrated part of a complete demand generation process that includes landing pages, lead analytics, lead nurturing, and closed-loop measurement.

For more, download Marketo’s free paper: Four Steps to Better Business Leads From Search.