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Links – 26 March 2007


Marketing Accountability

The Birth of Marketing Accountability
Tired of marketing buzzwords that don’t drive value? This comic strip (yes, a comic strip, check it out) from Viametric shows a better way.

B2B Marketing / Demand Generation / Lead Nurturing

Trust Tip 47: Subsidize Marketing with Sales
From Trusted Advisor, sometimes spending time with unqualified leads can be a good investment.

Developing Long-Term Trusted Relationships With B2B Customers
Mou Mukherjee at cadenceblog has stepped up post frequency, including this one with links to three useful articles about B2B marketing.

On Giving Away Ideas
Brian Carroll writes that the more people use the web for research, the more you should give away your ideas to demonstrate your thought leadership.

Does Inside Sales Belong In Marketing?
Forrester’s Laura Ramos suggests that when inside sales reports to marketing, they spend more time qualifying and nurturing leads versus setting appointments and closing business. Which do you think is better?

How to Succeed in Business (to Business)
Seth Godin argues that only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good.

Search Engine Marketing

Why Does Every B2B Lead Site Want me to Submit?
Conversion expert Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now shows that using “Submit” for your landing page forms is not as good as saying “We Value Your Privacy: Please Contact Me”.

B2B Search Marketing: Branding’s Best Friend
Galen DeYoung advises marketers to show brand leadership by getting high organic rankings and to use paid search to jumpstart the process and fill in the gaps your organic results are weak.

7 Rules for Landing Page Optimization
From Jonathan Mendez’s Blog Optimize and Prophesize: 1. Have a Clear and Direct Headline, 2. Place High Value on Whitespace, 3. Deliver Your Value Proposition with Short Direct Messaging, 4. Have a Persuasive Message Directly Above the Call to Action, 5. Large Red Buttons Rule, 6. Call to Action Copy Matters, and 7. Trust and Security is Still Incredibly Persuasive.

Lessons from Multivariate Tests on Google PPC Ads
Another post from Optimize and Prophesize: 1. Ad copy can have a big influence on conversion rates. 2. Description lines and visible URL had as much impact on conversion rate as the headline. 3. If your competition is using dynamic keyword insertion, the description lines matter more. 4. There is often an inverse relation between ad CTR and conversion rate – if you use your ad text to target, you may get fewer qualified clicks but more of them will convert. 5. Improve CTR and conversion by appending the keyword to the end of the URL.


Helping Software Companies Make Better Decisions About Pricing provides a resource room with information about assessing value, licensing options, subscription pricing, price structures, setting price levels, negotiating deals, and managing discounts.

Nothing to do with B2B marketing, but the simple drawings on this site are plenty insightful.

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