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Marketing Wisdom for 2007 – MarketingSherpa


MarketingSherpa just released their free report “Marketing Wisdom for 2007”. It contains 110 useful tips on topics including email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, and landing pages. There is even a section focused on B2B marketing.

Marketing Wisdom for 2007

MarketingSherpa’s editor, Anne Holland, shared some of her overall conclusions:

  1. Simple idea bring big returns. Inspiration doesn’t have to be complicated.
  2. Emergence of social networks. Results may be slow at first, but they come eventually.
  3. Don’t lose the personal touch. In today’s electronic world, a personal contact can make a big difference.
  4. Test. Test. Test. That mantra will never become passé.

Here are some of the lessons I found most useful:

  • 40: The importance of tracking ROI and making spending decisions based on real metrics.
  • 46: Put detailed information, including price, right into your search marketing ads. Sharing the info searchers want to know can actually increase clicks and conversions.
  • 49: Make sure to get your “negative” words right for your PPC campaigns – one company improved clicks by 30%.
  • 50: A good source of “long tail” keywords is buying the domain name version of popular keywords (e.g.
  • 85 and 86: B2B prospects value thought leadership and how to information more than ever before.
  • 88: The best way to get good conversion rates is to offer something truly valuable.

Download the report “Marketing Wisdom for 2007” here.