Links – 24 January 2007

Modern Marketing


As a new semi-regular “feature” of this blog, I’ll share links to various B2B marketing resources and articles that I found interesting or valuable. If you have suggestions for additional links, please share via the comments. Enjoy!

Eric Kintz – Marketing Strategy is Business Strategy
A transcript of Eric’s presentation from the panel “Driving B2B Marketing Success with Marketing ROI” at last December’s M-Planet. He describes how HP connects soft marketing metrics like loyalty and brand to hard business metrics like margin and shareholder value.

Closing the Sales/Marketing Gap
An article by John Neeson at SiriusDecisions. “Measuring marketing is like fuzzy math. But fuzzy math tracked consistently will show trends.”

Effective Tradeshow Management
Andy responds to my comment that “the tradeshow must die” by giving specific strategies to help B2B marketers generate high quality leads from a tradeshow.

The Interaction Value Track
Ardath Albee’s firm, Einsof, Inc., has a new e-Book about driving demand and shortening the sales cycle with synchronized customer interactions.

Differences between B2B and B2C SEO
Whitepaper from Francis SEO (registration required).

Traffic does Not Convert the Same: SEO vs PPC vs Press Releases vs Social Bookmarking
Results of eWhisper’s test about conversion rates for various online marketing methods. The best conversion rate — by far — came from PPC with a good landing page. Second best were Direct SEO and social bookmarks.

Best Practices for Title Tags
SEOmoz shares simple advice for title tags (arguably the most important factor for organic rankings).