B2B Marketing Blogs

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In the spirit of Lee Odden’s list of 250 must read search marketing blogs, here is a list of B2B Marketing blogs that I follow and recommend.

  • B2B Email Marketing Best Practices – Tamara Gielen focuses on B2B email marketing from a doer’s perspective.
  • B2B Insight – Ephraim Cohen’s writes about corporate communications and PR from a B2B perspective.
  • B2B Lead Generation Blog – Brian Carroll’s blog focuses on B2B lead generation, sales leads, and marketing for the complex sale.
  • B2B Marketing Confidential – Andy Hasselwander provides news and insights from across the B2B marketing landscape.
  • B2Blog – Dave J uses his perspective as a marketer in the trenches to write about the dramatic changes affecting industrial marketing / B2B marketing.
  • B2B SEO Blog – Dave Martin blogs about internet marketing for B2B companies.
  • Buzz Marketing for Technology – Paul Dunay from BearingPoint shares innovative ideas and information for marketing technology companies.
  • Dealing with Darwin – Geoffrey Moore (author of Crossing the Chasm and other books on high-tech marketing) writes occasionally about B2B marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Interactions – Ardath Albee writes thought-provoking posts about marketing and sales integration, shortening sales cycles, and improving sales tools.
  • Modern B2B Marketing – Jon Miller writes shares Marketo’s latest thinking about B2B marketing, from best practices in search engine marketing to lead nurturing to marketing accountability.
  • Revenue Journal – Kristin Zhivago’s writes about revenue-increasing insights, strategies and techniques for CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  • Sales Lead Insights – Mac McIntosh blogs about ways to boost your business with B2B marketing and B2B sales lead generation.
  • Selling to Big Companies – Jill Konrath’s step-by-step guide for sellers who want to get their foot in the door of large corporations.
  • Six Sigma Selling – Michael Webb writes about improving sales processes, including sales and marketing integration.

I’ve also created a B2B marketing OPML file with these feeds (right click and save-as, then import to your reader). If you have a blog that is relevant to B2B marketers and provides a unique perspective or content, then let me know by linking here so I can add you to the list.