Direct Mail Services from FedEx Kinko’s

Lead Management


FedEx Kinko’s announced a new service called Direct Mail Services, delivered in partnership with AAS. It provides an end-to-end service that allows marketers to design and execute simple direct mail campaigns completely online.

You begin by designing a direct mail piece. Templates and formatting options are very limited, but may be sufficient depending on your needs. (Postcards have better options than letters.) You then upload your own mailing list, or purchase a list from their database by selecting on ZIP code, title, company size, and SIC code (names were approx $0.40 each). When finished, you select when you want the mail to be sent and they take care of the printing and fulfillment.

The service is rudimentary — but it can provide an easy way to test direct mail as a lead acquisition or lead nurturing tactic, especially when tied to a custom landing page with a specific call to action. Costs start at $0.26 per piece for letters or $0.41 each for postcards, with a minimum order of 50 pieces.

The service does not provide any measurement of results, or tracking of the activity as part of the overall marketing funnel, so it will work best when used in conjunction with lead management software.