4 Delicious Recipes to Sweeten up Your Marketing

4 marketing recipes


Posted: February 14, 2017 | Modern Marketing

Well, it’s that time of year again. The season of flowers, cards, baby cupids, and stuffed animals is among us. Whether you’ve been looking forward to Valentine’s Day all year or it’s just another day on your calendar, I figure one thing everyone welcomes are the sweet treats the holiday brings.

While I was searching for my favorite sugar cookie recipe this weekend, it got me thinking about all of the ingredients that go into a successful marketing strategy. Just like in baking, a winning marketing strategy includes several ingredients that require expert measurement, tried and true testing, and precise mixing to produce the results you’re looking for. To that end, I thought it would be fun to pull together some Valentine’s Day marketing recipes to contribute to your overall marketing success!

I worked with my team in our Marketing Test Kitchen, and we’ve whipped up some recipes for specific marketing channels. The recipes we cooked up cover the basic ingredients you need to understand and include for marketing success. But, if you’re looking for a deeper explanation of how each ingredient contributes to your overall marketing success, check out the related Definitive Guides (linked). Here’s a look at what we whipped up:

And for those who delight in a sweet treat at the end of the day, I’ve also included four of my favorite actual recipes that I hope you’ll enjoy.

social media and content strategy recipes

digital ads and email strategy recipes

delicious recipes

more delicious recipes

Do you have a recipe you’d like to add to the collection—either a marketing mix or a sweet treat? I’d love to see it in the comments below.

Lisa Marcyes is a Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager leading Marketo’s social channel strategy and initiatives. She has helped brands in the tech field build their digital and social presence for the last 5+ years. A Bay Area resident, she enjoys the beach, hiking, and photography.

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Got a sweet tooth? 4 #marketing recipes to sweeten up your campaigns

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