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Posted: September 30, 2015 | Infographic, Mobile Marketing

See it, scan it, share it. Your audience is hungry for content and consuming it at a faster pace than ever before. In fact, a recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that the average attention span is getting remarkably shorter, down to just 8.25 seconds this year from 12 seconds in 2000.

Since your fans are consuming content faster than ever, you need to make sure that yours is short and snackable (read: easy to digest on-the-go). Can they absorb everything you want to convey in these short 8.25 seconds, or do they require a teaser to whet their appetite and take them to a larger piece of more easily digestible content? As a marketer in today’s “always on,” mobile, and social environment, you need to make your content available, easy to absorb, and totally shareable. Let’s take a peek at how to do this:

Know Your Audience’s Tastes

When creating content, you want to be where your audience is. So when you’re planning on where you’re going to promote and distribute your content, don’t forget the fact that the large majority of your customers are on mobile—and they want you to join them there! In fact, 60% of time spent on social media occurs on mobile devices and 79% of messaging app users are likely to engage with brands via apps. Your audience is actively choosing to engage via mobile. So, ask yourself, are you serving up engaging content to your fans on these platforms?

Craft Your Snack Strategy

Creating snackable content is the key to surviving as a content and digital marketer in this time of hyper short attention spans and content-guzzling consumers. So what’s your recipe for creating snackable content? Maybe you have a strong regram policy or you have snackable posts for every campaign you do. Want to learn more about the types of snackable content you can create? Check out our latest infographic, Snackable Satisfaction, to learn which types of content your audience will find the most palatable (especially on mobile). Feed your fans properly with the right content in the right place and they will be more likely to share it!

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Shanna Cook is the Social Media Manager at Marketo. Prior to Marketo, Shanna worked at Intel as their Digital Media Strategist. She holds Bachelors of Arts in International Relations, Italian and Spanish from Stanford University.

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Mmmm, tasty! How to create bite-sized #content for your on-the-go audience

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