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Posted: April 15, 2015 | Digital Marketing

We’re just about to kick-off Day 3—the final day—of the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit 2015. It’s been a great event so far. We’re thrilled to have 7,000 of our customers, partners, colleagues, and friends here to talk about the evolution of marketing and the critical steps we must take to usher in the new era of marketing!

Yesterday we made some exciting announcements about new product innovations and our partnership with LinkedIn that will now let marketers tell a consistent, relevant, personal story that transcends channels and engages customers everywhere they are. These are revolutionary solutions that will truly put marketers in the driver’s seat to own the customer relationship.

Develop Personal Relationships

Let’s dive deeper and showcase what a game-changer this is for marketers. Imagine if your relationship with one of your favorite brands felt more like the one with your best friend. What if when you shared your interests, dislikes, and personality traits, the brand actually cared and responded with things that mattered to you, like suggestions based on your preferences and other meaningful content. If you told your friend about a pair of red shoes you just bought, would it make sense for her to suggest you buy the same red shoes again? Likewise, if you tell a brand you love their cookware, wouldn’t it be great if they suggested recipes and other tools to help your culinary endeavors?

Our integration with LinkedIn builds on this idea of marketing helping brands build real, dynamic relationships with customers. By utilizing Marketo’s integration with LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator, marketers can now tell a story in a personal and consistent way across channels as the customer or prospect continues to embark on a relationship with a brand. So whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time that a marketer has engaged a customer, she can do it continuously over email, web, display ads, social/paid ads, and mobile in a personal way that forges or advances a customer relationship.

We’re excited to pioneer this integration with GE, one of today’s most innovative companies. GE saw the need to advance its marketing capabilities in order to reach its customers on any channel with the right message at the right time. They approached LinkedIn and Marketo to solve that problem for them.

Our partnership creates three significant opportunities for marketers:

  1. It allows marketers to seamlessly serve personalized digital ads across desktop and mobile to known customers and prospects based on their stage in the buying cycle.
  2. It provides marketers with enriched data on known and anonymous prospects, including relevant business, profile, and behavioral information, so they can reach those prospects and customers.
  3. It helps marketers build brand advocacy and loyalty by permitting them to have relevant, ongoing conversations with existing customers over time.

Engagement Marketing In Action

Susan, a radiologist, visits GE Healthcare’s website to read about an x-ray machine. Meanwhile, she gets distracted by a personal phone call and closes her browser without providing any contact information. Later Susan opens up her browser and navigates to her LinkedIn page where GE engages her with a series of personalized digital ads that invite her to download a whitepaper on advancements in radiology. Once Susan fills out a form and downloads the whitepaper, her email address and other information now live within GE’s Marketo system and Susan will continue to receive relevant content across all channels. What’s more, as Susan continues to engage with GE (she attends a GE trade show or participates in a webinar), she gets presented with relevant digital ads in her social channels.

In this way, GE has made an effort to build a meaningful relationship with Susan, and both the brand and the customer have benefited as a result.

Simply put, engagement marketing is about nurturing and building relationships with customers and prospects in a personal and consistent way across channels. Practicing engagement marketing allows marketers to acquire new customers faster, keep them longer, and convert many of them to loyal fans. Together, Marketo and LinkedIn have made doing this a lot easier.

To read more about our integration with LinkedIn, visit this Wall Street Journal article that published yesterday.

We’re looking forward to hearing your stories of what this new integration means for your cross-channel efforts. Now go out and make friends!

As CMO, Chandar is in charge of positioning Marketo as the marketing industry’s innovation leader and best solution for high-growth and enterprise businesses. Previously as a GVP of marketing, Chandar built Marketo’s product, solution, and corporate marketing teams. A seasoned enterprise executive, he previously oversaw Badgeville's worldwide marketing efforts including product and corporate marketing and demand generation. Prior to that, he served as VP of product and channel marketing for IBM Cast Iron. Chandar also spent time at Andersen Consulting as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies in the high-tech, retail, and oil and gas industries.

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