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2015 Marketing Predictions: SEO, Social Media, Demand Generation and more


Posted: December 24, 2014 | Modern Marketing

Marketers have seen a ton of change in 2014, the era of engagement marketing has started to take shape and change how marketers approach buyers. We’re much more cognizant of the changing buyer — who wants to be engaged with relevant, personal messages, wherever they are — and we’ve started to shape our marketing accordingly.

Marketers preparing for the new year know there is even more change on the horizon. So, what do marketers need to know to prepare for the year ahead?

To answer this question, we caught up with Marketo’s internal thought leaders to hear about the changes they anticipate in the coming year and how they think marketers can prepare. We covered almost every area of marketing, from a birds-eye view of the organization, down to changes in social media and marketing operations. Our Marketing Predictions slide deck has something for everyone.

Our thought leaders think 2015 is the year of the marketer! The year where sales is no longer on the frontlines of the buyer  journey. Instead, the marketer will drive the relationship. So check out our predictions about shaping your marketing team with strategic hires, multi-channel methodologies, becoming more data-driven and more. 


Download the Marketing Predictions slide deck and jumpstart your 2015 preparations:

Marketo’s 2015 Marketing Predictions from Marketo



Ellen Gomes is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Marketo. She’s a news junkie and loves to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and connect with new people over social media. In her free time she frequents food blogs and caters to her very spoiled orange cat. Ellen earned an B.A. in History at U.C. Santa Cruz and an M.B.A. at San Jose State.

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Thought leaders @Marketo share the #marketing changes they see on the horizon in 2015 & how to prepare:

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