The Heavy Hitters of Consumer Content Marketing



Posted: May 22, 2014 | Content Marketing

When we talk about “content marketing,” it can mean many things.  Content doesn’t just mean traditional materials like ebooks or webinars — in fact, blogs, videos, online hubs, even experiences can also be content. And as we know all too well, creating compelling, engaging, original content marketing is tough.

That’s why we decided to create this slide deck, highlighting 15 notable content marketers. After all, regardless of who you’re marketing for, content fuels your efforts. It’s how you tell your brand’s story, it’s how you educate your buyers, and it’s how you build connections. And when it comes to producing prize-winning content, some of our favorite brands don’t pull any punches.

Here are 15 of the heaviest hitters in content marketing, and the reasons we’re hailing them as champions:

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Maggie Jones is a Content Marketing Specialist at Marketo, a casual reader of the Chicago Manual of Style, and a lover of Oxford commas. The recipient of an MFA in nonfiction writing, Maggie loves information that tells stories, from long-form journalism to the tiniest tweets.

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When it comes to #content, these 15 brands don't pull any punches. Meet the heavy hitters of content marketing!

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