Facebook Spent $22 Billion on Acquisitions, What Else Could That $$$ Buy? [Infographic]

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Posted: May 16, 2014 | Social Media

Major acquisitions are everyday occasions in today’s technology sector, and Facebook is one of the most prolific acquirers. It’s difficult to go even a week without learning that Facebook has bought yet another company — often with nine zeros in the purchase price. 

If you’re marketing on social, it’s likely that Facebook is part of your marketing mix; even if it isn’t, every social network is affected by Facebook’s actions. Simply put, these acquisitions could have big implications for marketers.

In fact, Facebook has spent more than $22 billion on disclosed acquisitions since its founding in 2004. It’s hard to even wrap your head around a number that big, so we thought we’d put that number into perspective for our readers.

So what can $22 billion dollars buy you? Perhaps your own country, a celebrity bestie, or even a blockbuster summer flick. Check out our infographic to get a real reading on Facebook’s acquisition numbers.

Facebook Acquisition Addiction Infographic

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#Facebook spent $22 billion on acquisitions - what else could that $$$ buy? Our infographic breaks it down. @Dayroth

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