Pop Quiz: 2013 Tech World History

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Posted: December 19, 2013 | Product and Industry

It’s pop quiz time! 2013 was a huge year in the tech world. Content marketers learned to love Google’s algorithms and Gmail tabs, the word “wearable” became a noun, startups were bought, and startups were sold. Were you a faithful follower of every update and innovation, or were you too busy playing with your iPhone 5c?

Updated 2015: This quiz is no longer available

Maggie Jones is a Content Marketing Specialist at Marketo, a casual reader of the Chicago Manual of Style, and a lover of Oxford commas. The recipient of an MFA in nonfiction writing, Maggie loves information that tells stories, from long-form journalism to the tiniest tweets.

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Pop quiz! When it comes to the tech world, are you in the know? Take our 2013 Tech World History quiz to find out!

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