How to Multiply Your Webinar ROI: Repurpose Your Webinar Content

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Posted: December 12, 2013 | Event Marketing

Webinars can be a major investment, in terms of both time and money. But they can also be a powerful part of your content marketing strategy. After you’ve planned your webinar, most marketers will send out invitations to a targeted list, use a registration form to gather some data about prospects, and then use the attendance data (like duration of stay) as a measure of engagement. Some attendee information might be sent off to the sales team, so they can follow up with “hot leads,” and the webinar recording is uploaded onto the company website.

Once the recording is up, it’s time to move on to the next webinar…or is it?

Repurpose Your Webinar for High ROI

The best way to get positive ROI from your webinars is to continually repurpose them. This creates new fuel for your content marketing machine, helping to move prospects through the sales funnel. In fact, a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute shows that 59% of marketers are using webinars in their B2B marketing strategies.

So how do you effectively repurpose your webinar? Here’s how to create an arsenal of content before, during, and after a single webinar.

Creating Content Before Your Webinar

Let’s start with the pieces you make before each webinar – hopefully, you’re already in the habit of creating these:

  • An abstract that provides a high-level overview of the webinar: the title, what the topic will cover, the target audience, and presenter information.
  • Promotional content that will be communicated through several channels: your company’s social media outlets, your website, and through email invitations.
  • The registration landing page, which provides an opportunity to gather preliminary data about the prospect.

Now it’s time to repurpose. From these materials, you can create new pieces of content, such as:

  • A short video that provides a sneak peak of the upcoming webinar.
  • A guest blog post from one of the speakers. Here’s a recent example:

guest post from a webinar speaker

Creating Content During Your Webinar

Next, let’s look at the assets that are created during the webinar. Outside of the presentation (slides, demos, etc), you can generate more content using these tools:

  • Polling questions and answers. These not only encourage attentiveness, but can also be used to gather more data points about your audience for lead scoring, tailored follow-up, and more.
  • Chat conversations can be used to queue up questions and answers for the speakers, or as another way to gather data from your attendees.
  • Assigning a hashtag to your webinar allows you and your attendees to follow additional conversations about the event, and makes it easy to aggregate data from various social media streams.

From these tools, you might create:

  • A social media post based on chat discussions
  • A product data sheet based on frequently asked questions, like this:

product sheet ReadyTalk


Creating Content After Your Webinar

Lastly, let’s talk about assets after the event. As you complete your post-event checklist, keep these materials in mind:

  • A webinar archive page. This should provide information to those that missed the live event, such as where they can view the recording, or how to download materials that were shared.
  • The recording. Well, I think that one speaks for itself. If you aren’t recording your webinars, you should definitely start.
  • Follow-up emails to attendees and non-attendees. These are the standard communication after the webinar is over, and usually provide a link to the recording, materials from the event, and possibly a survey link.
  • The transcript, which provides a text file of the audio portion of the webinar

You can repurpose these materials into:

  • A blog post on key takeaways from the event:

blog post on key takeaways


  • A slide deck, which you can post to SlideShare to expand your reach:

slide deck from webinar

Of course, those are just a quick sample of possibilities when it comes to repurposing your webinar materials – we’ve got even more ideas on the ReadyTalk blog.

Does your organization use webinars in its content marketing strategy? If you knew you could repurpose your webinars, would you be more inclined to invest? Let us know in the comments below.

Beth is a Product Strategist on the Strategic Partnership team at ReadyTalk. Prior to joining ReadyTalk in 2011, Beth worked as an account manager for a mobile payments start-up and as a product manager for the prepaid gift card program at First Data. Outside of the office, Beth loves to spend time with family and friends, practice her cooking skills, and run.

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How much #content can you get from 1 webinar? Here's how to repurpose for high ROI.

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